Texture, Fall 2016

This collection is focused on geometric shapes cut into natural curly hair, and the way that texture can play with light. Color was kept natural, and nothing but Hairstory products were on set to enhance the models natural curl patterns.

Photography: Sarah Morrill

Makeup: Reeve Baker

Thanks to Bissell Brothers for letting us take over their space to shoot!

NAHA Entry 2016

This year I took a major step and entered a collection into the color category of the North American Hairstyling Awards. For those who don't know, NAHA is like the Grammy's of hair, open to any stylist in North America to enter their work. Finalists were announced today, and while I did not make it, I am incredibly proud of the collection, and excited to be able to show it off!

So here it is! A collection of color inspired by holographic materials, done on three lovely Portland ladies, with make up by Teague Vivolo and photography by Magdalena Niziol. This was a great learning experience, and I can't wait to start working on next year's submission!

Winter Balayage Collection 2016

For my winter collection this year, I decided to focus on something that I do every day behind the chair, but don't often capture for my photo work: balayage. I'm sure most of you have seen the word "balayage", but what exactly is it? It is a technique for applying dimension to the hair by hand painting color in, typically in lieu of foils. While it is often associated with ombre styles, balayage is amazing for so much more! With this collection, I wanted to showcase how different applications of the same technique can create completely different effects.

Merry's balayage is the most subtle in the collection. A high and low light balayage adds low key dimension to Bardot inspired layers and depth to her natural base while still being ultra natural.

Erin is rocking a full dimensional balayage, with heavy saturation throughout her ends. This is what instantly comes to mind when I think "beachy blonde". Her base is significantly brightened, but will still grow out insanely soft and be super low maintenance for her in the future. I also absolutely love the tone; it's warm, but not in a traditional golden, sunny sense. More of a pink/pearly warmth works on so many skin tones, super glowy and almost reminiscent of an abalone shell. Totally my fav blonde right now!

Haley's dynamic copper color melt is a great example of the classic ombre balayage. Her color moves from a deep auburn to a bright copper seamlessly, and looks badass with her razored lob.



Huge, huge props to my photographer, the amazing Sarah Morrill. Also, to my models, Merry, Erin and Haley, for being total babes, and for being patient while I attempted to take on the role of hair stylist, makeup artist, and wardrobe stylist for this shoot. AND of course, to all ya'll who took a sec to catch up on what I've been loving in the salon. Smooches!

Happy New Year!

It still doesn't feel real, but 2016 is here and in full effect! Since The last start of a new year, a lot has changed for me. To highlight a few, I went to Portugal, I dj'd a party, I turned 30, and I moved to a new salon! 

My new home at Kutz has brought along quite a few really fun changes, and I am so happy for all the clients that have joined me in the new space! Being in a more intimate space tucked away from the craziness of Congress St, many of you have commented on how cozy, fun and just overall convenient the new shop is (hellooooooo parking options!). Moving away from an employee based salon and becoming a booth renter has allowed me the freedom to take more time with each guest, experiment with tons of new color lines and techniques, and I'm truly having so much fun!  

Now, I'm not one for New Year's resolutions typically, but I definitely have some goals in 2016. I am entering the new year with the motivation to continue experimenting and trying new things. I will be actively seeking out education in places I haven't thought to look before, starting with Philly this weekend. 

Thanks again to everyone who has stuck with me, or will be working with me in the future, and happy new year!

Goldwell GTA Training Phase One

I am sitting on the couch in sweatpants, curled up with a handsome ginger, 2 pups, and the newest episode of Girls ready to play. In other words, I am home! I have finished phase one of my Goldwell GTA training, and am back in Portland, my lovely frozen little chunk if the world, beyond ready to share what I have learned, and do some hair!


What does that mean for my clients? You may have heard us say at O2 that we LOVE HAIR, and that ties in perfectly with Goldwell's mission statement, "dedicated to color perfection".  Clients at O2 Salon know that we are committed to education and elevation of our craft. Goldwell, with it's ever changing technology, and dedication to education for stylists, is the perfect color company for us. With this training, I became up to date with all of Goldwell's newest technologies and color lines, to be able create even more gorgeous color for my clients. For those of you questioning why the technology needs to improve in the first place,  I urge you to note what type of phone you use, and are likely reading this on now. Nokia brick? Nah, I didn't think so. Technology is advancing everyday, as are the needs of our clients. With Goldwell by our sides, stylists can continue to provide clients with the ultimate in color, no matter what the desired result. Pretty rad, right?


BUT, all this information on the Goldwell portfolio that I get to bring back to my clients just feels like icing on the cake. This week, I began a journey as an educator; someone who can give the tools, knowledge and inspiration to guide other people in my field. Amazing. AND I got to spend the week with 16 stylists, and 3 educators who, coming from all different areas and experiences, offered me knowledge and inspiration. Oh, and tools. Like,12 lbs-over-the-TSA-allotted worth of tools.


So begins my March! Now I have two weeks back in the salon, back to California for the KMS IQ Cutting Technique class, and then to New Hampshire to continue my Goldwell education! WOO!

Love for Pastels

The pastel hair color trend, seen on celeb's heads from Helen Mirren to Kelly Osbourne, has been going strong and doesn't seem to be leaving anytime soon (thank GOODNESS!). Playing with pastel tones in your hair color can range in effect from super subtle to impossible to miss.The fact that they are more translucent than their brighter and deeper counterparts makes them less of a commitment, which is just an added bonus. Wondering how you can pull of this trend? Golden blondes look great with a peachy hue woven in, brunettes lend themselves well to periwinkles and lilacs, or you can just go for it with an all over pastel in a shade you die over! Here is a shot of a client that we recently made into a fabulous gradient cotton candy pink:


This color was created using Goldwell's Elumen, which is a color I consider to be a semi-to-permanent. This super high shine color can be a temporary change for those with fleeting hair dreams, or can be layered over time to create long lasting hues, not just in "fashion" tones like we did here, but in natural shades as well. Because the Elumen color line is ammonia free, it is extremely gentle on the hair, and can even work to combat unwanted frizz and body for those clients with unruly textures!

Vidal Sassoon 5 Point Homage

Last week I got an email from hairbrained.me (a fabulous social networking site for people who work in or just plain love this wonderful industry) that they were running a contest to win admission to a master's class at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica with Mark Hayes. Say what?!?!? The rules were simple. Do an awesome cut and color. Snap a pic with your cell phone, submit it to hairbrained, and hope that your photo get the most "likes". How could I not enter?!?


One facebook status and 30 seconds later, I already had a model volunteer, the lovely Ashley, who was totally prepared to let me have complete control over her head (love that in a model). I decided to create my own version of Vidal's 5 point cut, a very geometric cut with sharp, clean, diagonal lines, that moved in color from a true violet to a more rosy purple underneath.

Here's the result! Fingers crossed that soon I'll be posting about how excited I am to be heading out to Cali in November!