Happy New Year!

It still doesn't feel real, but 2016 is here and in full effect! Since The last start of a new year, a lot has changed for me. To highlight a few, I went to Portugal, I dj'd a party, I turned 30, and I moved to a new salon! 

My new home at Kutz has brought along quite a few really fun changes, and I am so happy for all the clients that have joined me in the new space! Being in a more intimate space tucked away from the craziness of Congress St, many of you have commented on how cozy, fun and just overall convenient the new shop is (hellooooooo parking options!). Moving away from an employee based salon and becoming a booth renter has allowed me the freedom to take more time with each guest, experiment with tons of new color lines and techniques, and I'm truly having so much fun!  

Now, I'm not one for New Year's resolutions typically, but I definitely have some goals in 2016. I am entering the new year with the motivation to continue experimenting and trying new things. I will be actively seeking out education in places I haven't thought to look before, starting with Philly this weekend. 

Thanks again to everyone who has stuck with me, or will be working with me in the future, and happy new year!