Hair, for me, has been a life long passion. For as long as I can remember, I have loved having my hands in hair. In family photos when all the other kids are in pj's, I'm rocking Madonna-esque party dresses, hot pink lipstick and crimped ponies. One of my favorite things about spending the night at Gram's house? Waking up and fixing up her curls for the day (not that I can fathom why my grandmother let a child, a very clumsy child, near her hair with an iron, but she did).  From the days of giving hair cuts to Barbie, I moved on to start a career in cosmetology in Portland Maine. My passion for education took me to academies like Vidal Sassoon in London, Arrojo in NYC, and KMS and Goldwell in Santa Monica. My travels to the west coast left me curious, and I moved to Los Angeles to do hair in the eternal sunshine, and soon realized you can take the girl outta Maine, but you can’t take the Maine outta the girl! So back to the east coast I came, a place that has always both inspired and supported me creatively.

Working in this industry gives me the privilege to build relationships with people. These relationships lead to us working together in the salon to craft the perfect hair for YOU. With a focus on suitability for your hair type, lifestyle and realistic maintenance goals, I strive to make hair that helps the world see you as you see you. Whether it’s maintaining a style you know and love, adding pops of color, learning to love your natural texture, or finally giving those bangs a try, I’m here for it! This site is a place to showcase creative projects I have worked on, and share my experiences in the beauty industry. Follow me on instagram, @tashadoeshair, to check in on what’s going on in the salon on a day to day!