Love for Pastels

The pastel hair color trend, seen on celeb's heads from Helen Mirren to Kelly Osbourne, has been going strong and doesn't seem to be leaving anytime soon (thank GOODNESS!). Playing with pastel tones in your hair color can range in effect from super subtle to impossible to miss.The fact that they are more translucent than their brighter and deeper counterparts makes them less of a commitment, which is just an added bonus. Wondering how you can pull of this trend? Golden blondes look great with a peachy hue woven in, brunettes lend themselves well to periwinkles and lilacs, or you can just go for it with an all over pastel in a shade you die over! Here is a shot of a client that we recently made into a fabulous gradient cotton candy pink:


This color was created using Goldwell's Elumen, which is a color I consider to be a semi-to-permanent. This super high shine color can be a temporary change for those with fleeting hair dreams, or can be layered over time to create long lasting hues, not just in "fashion" tones like we did here, but in natural shades as well. Because the Elumen color line is ammonia free, it is extremely gentle on the hair, and can even work to combat unwanted frizz and body for those clients with unruly textures!

Epic Color Transformation Day!

It's been a nutty couple of weeks for me! In the shop I have been working like crazy,  and in the past three weeks I have been to a cutting class with Nick Arrojo in Soho, and a color class with Goldwell here in Maine. On top of that, I have been spending all my free time working on Cat Snack Fever, my other blog project focusing on the other things I love in life, food and cats. Finally things feel slightly back to normal, with myself having 2 days off in a row! Saturday was the perfect lead in to the weekend, with 3 color clients all coming in looking for something fun and different! Yay! tashablog2



Clockwise from top left:

My client started off with a very mossy dull green over her natural, dirty blonde hair color. We lifted all of that to a pale blonde, and then went in with a deep forest green using Goldwell's Elumen color. My next client came in with a couple months of regrowth, and dark ends, wanting a multidimensional red through her top layer while staying off the part line directly, with a deeper base. Finally, the biggest transformation of the day! My blonde client wanted to be a redhead, in the same sort of category at Isla Fischer and Emma Stone, which she pulls off incredibly!


At the end of the day, I had zombie hands, satisfied clients with gorgeous new dos, and a well deserved saketini!