NAHA Entry 2016

This year I took a major step and entered a collection into the color category of the North American Hairstyling Awards. For those who don't know, NAHA is like the Grammy's of hair, open to any stylist in North America to enter their work. Finalists were announced today, and while I did not make it, I am incredibly proud of the collection, and excited to be able to show it off!

So here it is! A collection of color inspired by holographic materials, done on three lovely Portland ladies, with make up by Teague Vivolo and photography by Magdalena Niziol. This was a great learning experience, and I can't wait to start working on next year's submission!

Janet Goes Punk Rock- In a Classy Way of Course

When it comes to what is often called "fashion color" (basically hair colors not found in nature) I think there is a fine line between beautifully done, and manic-panic-in-the-bathroom style. In my opinion, keeping the color dimensional, whether you're going brunette or hot pink, keeps your coif looking super awesome and professional. And of course if you're wanting to do something fun, but don't want to deal with your whole head being colored, peek-a-boos in all colors of the rainbow are really fun and low maintenance.