Goldwell GTA Training Phase One

I am sitting on the couch in sweatpants, curled up with a handsome ginger, 2 pups, and the newest episode of Girls ready to play. In other words, I am home! I have finished phase one of my Goldwell GTA training, and am back in Portland, my lovely frozen little chunk if the world, beyond ready to share what I have learned, and do some hair!


What does that mean for my clients? You may have heard us say at O2 that we LOVE HAIR, and that ties in perfectly with Goldwell's mission statement, "dedicated to color perfection".  Clients at O2 Salon know that we are committed to education and elevation of our craft. Goldwell, with it's ever changing technology, and dedication to education for stylists, is the perfect color company for us. With this training, I became up to date with all of Goldwell's newest technologies and color lines, to be able create even more gorgeous color for my clients. For those of you questioning why the technology needs to improve in the first place,  I urge you to note what type of phone you use, and are likely reading this on now. Nokia brick? Nah, I didn't think so. Technology is advancing everyday, as are the needs of our clients. With Goldwell by our sides, stylists can continue to provide clients with the ultimate in color, no matter what the desired result. Pretty rad, right?


BUT, all this information on the Goldwell portfolio that I get to bring back to my clients just feels like icing on the cake. This week, I began a journey as an educator; someone who can give the tools, knowledge and inspiration to guide other people in my field. Amazing. AND I got to spend the week with 16 stylists, and 3 educators who, coming from all different areas and experiences, offered me knowledge and inspiration. Oh, and tools. Like,12 lbs-over-the-TSA-allotted worth of tools.


So begins my March! Now I have two weeks back in the salon, back to California for the KMS IQ Cutting Technique class, and then to New Hampshire to continue my Goldwell education! WOO!