Vidal Sassoon 5 Point Homage

Last week I got an email from (a fabulous social networking site for people who work in or just plain love this wonderful industry) that they were running a contest to win admission to a master's class at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica with Mark Hayes. Say what?!?!? The rules were simple. Do an awesome cut and color. Snap a pic with your cell phone, submit it to hairbrained, and hope that your photo get the most "likes". How could I not enter?!?


One facebook status and 30 seconds later, I already had a model volunteer, the lovely Ashley, who was totally prepared to let me have complete control over her head (love that in a model). I decided to create my own version of Vidal's 5 point cut, a very geometric cut with sharp, clean, diagonal lines, that moved in color from a true violet to a more rosy purple underneath.

Here's the result! Fingers crossed that soon I'll be posting about how excited I am to be heading out to Cali in November!