Epic Color Transformation Day!

It's been a nutty couple of weeks for me! In the shop I have been working like crazy,  and in the past three weeks I have been to a cutting class with Nick Arrojo in Soho, and a color class with Goldwell here in Maine. On top of that, I have been spending all my free time working on Cat Snack Fever, my other blog project focusing on the other things I love in life, food and cats. Finally things feel slightly back to normal, with myself having 2 days off in a row! Saturday was the perfect lead in to the weekend, with 3 color clients all coming in looking for something fun and different! Yay! tashablog2



Clockwise from top left:

My client started off with a very mossy dull green over her natural, dirty blonde hair color. We lifted all of that to a pale blonde, and then went in with a deep forest green using Goldwell's Elumen color. My next client came in with a couple months of regrowth, and dark ends, wanting a multidimensional red through her top layer while staying off the part line directly, with a deeper base. Finally, the biggest transformation of the day! My blonde client wanted to be a redhead, in the same sort of category at Isla Fischer and Emma Stone, which she pulls off incredibly!


At the end of the day, I had zombie hands, satisfied clients with gorgeous new dos, and a well deserved saketini!