Grammy's 2012

Alright, here it goes. I keep saying I'm going to watch the awards shows and blog about the hair. So I've snuggled in on the couch with a ginger beet martini, my lap top, and a dog who won't get her face out of my dinner. Not going to lie, I'm a little nervous about how well I am going to complete this task. I barely know who any of the musicians are that the kids listen to these days (what? David Bowie is nominated for record of the year?!?). Watching the red carpet coverage, (I'll be honest, that's as far I got before I caved and climbed into bed to watch the IT Crowd with my husband), a lot of the hair styles were very simple and classic, as they have been for a while. The days of the ridiculously styled starlet seem to be over, le sigh. Many stars arrived wearing loose waves or sleek ponies. Yawn. Simple is pretty, but where is your sense of adventure Hollywood?!? I picked out a few of my favs/un-favs to highlight and hate/love on, and I think I tend to be better at the hating...

Katy Perry was my simultaneously my favorite and least favorite of the night. Oh Katy, Katy, Katy. I love that you are rocking blue hair with that GORGEOUS gown, but why has your color been so haggard lately? Every photo I have seen of Katy lately has shown her with roots, and a blue that is fading out to that weird greenish color. I loved her french twist, with the squared out volume, but was totally distracted by the fact that her color appeared to be done by a high school student with manic panic. Dang.


Kelly Rowland, on the other hand, gets all love from me, that sexy bitch. I have gone on the record stating MANY times that if I could have  any hair in the world, it would be offensively large and curly and gorgeous, and Ms Rowland is rocking the long fro, looking fabulous. Get it gurrrrrrlllllll.



Amber Rose definitely deserves props for her clean look tonight. She always looks banging, and I adore that she went with mostly natural make up, with a red lip that shared the spot light with her simple yellow gown (black and yellow black and yellow).


There were two previously ginger ladies that showed up newly blonded. First, Rihanna! Thank you, thank you thank you THANK YOU for ditching the red and going platinum! I thought that the red was nice when she was rocking the cropped do, but once she got that long red weave it was a little too Little Mermain for my taste. This does, however, confirm my suspicions  that Rihanna has spies watching my every move so home girl can consistent be jacking my style, but that is a whole other story.  Adele on the other hand, should have stayed red, in my judgmental opinion. I loved her red, with bangs and lots of volume and length. I think that the blonde makes her look a little like a heavier Evan Rachel Wood, and not in a good way.


Alicia Keys was another favorite of mine, totally rocking that glam look, with an updo that combined a french twist with a pompadour. this style seems so grown up from some of her past red carpet looks, and was a great contrast to the many "unstyled" looks of the evening.