Revita Update

Okay, so I slacked a little on following up on my Revita experiment. But never fear, I am here with my results! Recap on the experiment: I began using the Revita shampoo and Revita.cor conditioner right after coloring my roots (to get an accurate read on how much my hair was growing), with hopes of faster, thicker hair growth. After one month, my measured regrowth was 7/16". My hair didn't seem noticeably thicker, but then again, my hair is pretty short, and it's hard to tell. After a second month, my measured growth was the same, at 7/16'. Bummer.

I will still stand  by the product as a WONDERful shampoo and conditioner to reconstruct hair that has been damaged by chemical processing and/or the natural elements. DS Labs does have 3 other components to their hair growth system, which has provided better results to clients of O2 Salon. Jenn, owner of O2 and fellow stylist, has clients with visible new growth after 5 weeks of using the Revita shampoo and conditioner in conjunction with DS Labs Spectral RS treatment. For myself personally, using an entire system of products on a daily basis to increase growth isn't worth it, considering that I am not starting to thin out yet. I'll be going back to my old routine of shampooing twice a week, with the plethora of products I have kicking around in my shower.