Arrojo Razor Fundamentals

Day One: Arrojo RazorHeavy sigh, thunk.

That's the sound of me hitting the bed at the end of day one of a two day razor fundamentals cutting class held at Arrojo Studio in SoHo. Today was both mentally and physically taxing, definitely in good ways. I arrived at Arrojo Studio, met by a warm welcome and the realization that I would be lucky enough to have Nick Arrojo actually be one of my educators over the next two days (score!). Today began with basic razor theory and dexterity work. Holy flashback to day of beauty school Batman! The Arrojo razoring techniques are different than anything I have worked with in the past, so it took a lot of concentration and focus to work on retraining my muscles to work with the razor.

Once we began working on actually executing cuts,  today with graduation (think the stacked bob recreated),  we were able to see the how a razored shape can differ from a scissor cut shape. In the case of the bob, the graduation or "stacking" is almost an illusion, which creates a slimmer shape that still has the ability to expand. My mind has been racing about which clients could have, scratch that, need to have a banging razor cut. In the past, I thought of razors as a tool to create very textured looks, with soft edges, and an almost grown out look. While that is still true, today taught me that using a razor to create graduation can actually "collapse" the shape, removing weight, while graduation created with scissors builds up weight. I can picture this technique opening up a whole new world of styles for those clients with mountains of hair that want to reduce their volume as much as possible.

That being said, this is definitely a technique that is going to require a ton of practice to feel 100 percent confident in, especially because it's getting used to an entirely new motion with the tool. Tomorrow we work on layering, and I can't wait to get my hands back into some hair.


Day 2:

Phew! My mind has the capacity to remember how to use my new razor! Thank goodness! We start the day by jumping right into a layered cut, and today, my friends, razoring feels great. I finished my cut feeling confident in the techniques, and understanding the concepts behind razor cutting. It is so different from training I've had in the past, because razoring is entirely about the feel of the cut; the actual feel of the razor moving through each section as well as the feel of the finished shape. It's organic, and slightly imperfect, which is so beautiful.

Razored Halo

The second half of our day was demonstrations by Nick Arrojo and Gerard (stylist and head of education). The cuts were gorgeous, and I always love to watch an amazing stylist at work!

At the end of our two day course, I felt great about the education I had received. Arrojo Academy sets up the class so that in addition to the two educators, there were two assistants working with us. In a class of 13 stylists, having four instructors to give us pointers meant that everyone attending the class got tons of hands on assistance. It was also really great to see how solid of an education the assistants were receiving from the studio, and awesome to talk to them about their journey to becoming an Arrojo stylist.