KMS IQ Cutting Method

Back to basics. It's a good place to be. Especially when said basics are being offered in Santa Monica. California is also a good place to be, far away from the snow and the cold. I find myself here, for the second time this March, taking a 3 day cutting course at the KMS California Academy. This course, the IQ Cutting Method, has started off by reinforcing the basics of solid cutting. Man, I LOVE this kind of class, and shockingly, I'm good at this kind of class. Unlike pretty much every other area of my life, I can walk into the academy everyday and leave my ego, previous experiences and instincts at the door. I am here to take the opportunity to focus my energy on learning new ways to approach cutting, and polishing the skills it takes to execute a cut with precision. Today's big revelation was a new way to look at sectioning, for cleaner cutting. Baller, can't wait to use that in the salon! Couple great education with visits from friends and family, delicious food, and amazing weather, and you've got one pumped hair stylist!