Casie- Bride On Peak's Island

What's the saying? Better late than never? That is seemingly my motto this year, when it comes to updating my bridal portfolio! Things have been crazy, with steady business, advances in my career, and with my family life (four furry children, a handful of house plants and a husband can keep a chick busy, 'nah mean?). Anywho, here are some photos from my first bride of 2013, the lovely Casseopia, who was married in June on Peak's Island, here in Maine. This party was great to work with; I arrived, meeting the boys as they headed out for a road race on the bikes, and had the joy of working with a large group of ladies made up of friends and family alike. Casie had a gorgeous, unique dress, and a great head of long blonde hair to work with! Photos here were supplied by Brendan Bullock, and more photos can be seen in the most recent issue of Maine Weddings (woot!!).