Goldwell, KMS and Arrojo on Tour, Boston

I have officially assisted at my first hair show! YAY!! I spent this past weekend being a general (self proclaimed) bitch to artists from Goldwell, KMS California, Arrojo, and Carlton, as well as their models, 'cuz homegirl was willing to do whatever she could to be helpful, and a part of the fabulousness that was this show. I am so pumped about my work this weekend, that I wrote the last sentence in third person. I mean, that's pretty pumped. I promise you, I have never ever ever been so excited to wash hair and dishes before in my life. This weekend, I got to watch stylists who I  admire (obsess over, whatever, same dif) create amazing cuts, colours, and styles. I also met my hair whisperer, wore more black than ever, and got to sit in on an Arrojo razor cutting class. No biggie, just living the dream.