Woah! First Blog Ever

Ah September, you cruel mistress you. Even though you mean winter is quickly approaching, you win me over every year with the promise of apple picking, fairgrounds and above all else, fall fashion. Slight dips in temperature mean layering while still being comfortable, a time to dig out scarves, tights and boots, glorious glorious boots. And this September brings even more awesomeness than normal, as I get ready to celebrate my first year  at O2 Salon, my first year as a wife, and starting my very first website! In honor of September and all that is fabulous, my first blog post will include photos from a shoot with Zwickerhill Photography and the lovely Kendyll. When it comes to hair, Kendyll is the epitome of low maintenance (before this shoot, she had not had a professional haircut in seven years. SEVEN). She came into the salon ready for a good haircut, and open to the idea of having some color done for the first time ever. She had always wanted to be a redhead, and as we coast into fall, rich, deep colors totally rock my world. Because Kendyll may not step foot into a salon for another decade, I decided to go with color that would grow out well over time, darkening and warning up her base just a touch, and adding lots of red and chocolate low lights through her length. In the light her hair shines a brilliant auburn, while staying close enough to her natural that she won't have mega roots to deal with if she decides to go back to au natural!