Champagne in the Hurricane

This post may be a bit delayed, but hey better late than never! Sitting on my couch, after shoveling myself out of the snow wall created by Nor'easter Nemo, I received some images from the lovely Savannah Daras, from a photoshoot we did during hurricane Sandy. Ah, what I would give to have rain now. Granted, hurricane Sandy did not hit Maine the way it did the rest of the Easter seaboard, thank goodness, but we were still maybe a little crazy to be out in that storm, with our two models, a can of hair spray (like it did anything in those crazy winds) and a photographer. Planning an outdoor shoot when you are a hairdresser is hard. Unlike a photographer that can be inspired by the day's gorgeousness, and just put out a call for an available model, our models have to be prepped ahead of time, and be shot while their cuts and colors are still fresh. In short, our shoots often can not be rescheduled, and a back up plan needs to be in place. Jenn and I had this vision of models in cozy fall knits, the warm light of a gorgeous Maine fall day in a wide open field. Instead, we got rain and 50 mph winds. Oops. Plan B; one of O2's amazing clients opened up her stunning West End home to us. With Kate to the rescue, we had a super fun Monday afternoon, got some great shots, and, we even ventured out into the storm at the end of the shoot for a little champagne in the hurricane.